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S. No. Title From Date
1 Reg. rbsk reffered students S.S.A. (IED) 31-10-2019
2 Regarding rubella injection S.S.A. (IED) 13-01-2018
3 Regarding impliment of revised rpwd act 2016 S.S.A. (IED) 04-12-2017
4 Presentation of rbsk and ndd in ppt S.S.A. (IED) 05-02-2016
5 Medical assessment camp for children with spl. needs(for 1 to 12 class and 6 to 18 yrs) S.S.A. (IED) 27-08-2015
6 Nihm give free laptop for sc and st mental retardation cwsn age group of 15 to 18 yrs S.S.A. (IED) 19-08-2015
7 Letter regd. cwsn children admission 8th to 9th class (transition rate ) S.S.A. (IED) 05-05-2015
8 Letter regd. ie student S.S.A. (IED) 28-04-2015
9 Cochleat implant letter with format and guidlines S.S.A. (IED) 09-03-2015
10 Fw. advance tour program of iert and physiotherpist month march 2015 S.S.A. (IED) 03-03-2015
11 Parvesh mid teat and training S.S.A. (IED) 09-12-2014
12 Aweraness in morning assembly on 3rd december , world disabled day S.S.A. (IED) 03-12-2014
13 Parevsh december agenda(for query pls contect santok singh distt. pervesh coordinator) S.S.A. (IED) 28-11-2014
14 Assessment camp for disable children instruction S.S.A. (IED) 16-09-2014
15 Assessment camp for disabled children S.S.A. (IED) 12-09-2014
16 H'noble c.m. cancer relief fund (guidelines + performa) S.S.A. (IED) 10-07-2014
17 Regarding awareness to students in the morning assembly S.S.A. (IED) 26-06-2014
18 Advane tour program of iert and physiotherapist S.S.A. (IED) 09-12-2013
19 Repair of ecce center under school repair maintance grant S.S.A. (IED) 24-10-2013
20 Celebration of world heart day on 26-9-2013 S.S.A. (IED) 25-09-2013
21 Pension form for rural disable children S.S.A. (IED) 28-06-2013
22 Pension form for urban disable children S.S.A. (IED) 28-06-2013
23 Children suffering from post burn deformities S.S.A. (IED) 19-06-2013
24 Rail pass formats S.S.A. (IED) 03-06-2013
25 Format for free surgery of orhto imparied children in school S.S.A. (IED) 30-05-2013
26 Letter regd. summer camp and other work in holidays S.S.A. (IED) 28-05-2013
27 Hole in heart anganwari cwsn S.S.A. (IED) 23-05-2013
28 Pgi reimbursement performa.pdf S.S.A. (IED) 30-04-2013
29 Blank format of hole in herat, cancer and thalassemia students S.S.A. (IED) 22-01-2013
30 Treatment of children with diseases related to eye, ear and teeth S.S.A. (IED) 21-01-2013
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