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D.E.O. ( S.E.) D.E.O. (E.E.) D.I.E.T. R.M.S.A. S.S.A.

S. No. Title From Date
1 Regading instrucation for sst and english teachers S.S.A. (D.R.P. (S.ST./ ENGLISH)) 17-09-2015
2 Regarding correctons in wall maps of india and punjab S.S.A. (D.R.P. (S.ST./ ENGLISH)) 16-07-2014
3 Regarding role play competition at cluster and block level S.S.A. (D.R.P. (S.ST./ ENGLISH)) 03-07-2014
4 Regarding social sciences activities calender -2014-15 and instructions for poster making at cluster,block and district level S.S.A. (D.R.P. (S.ST./ ENGLISH)) 05-04-2014
5 Regarding change of date for block level map filling competition and syllabus for map filling. S.S.A. (D.R.P. (S.ST./ ENGLISH)) 15-01-2014
6 Instructions regarding map filling competition at block and district level S.S.A. (D.R.P. (S.ST./ ENGLISH)) 13-01-2014
7 Regarding multiple choice question of social sciences from s.a-2 syllabus for classes vi to viii S.S.A. (D.R.P. (S.ST./ ENGLISH)) 03-01-2014
8 Regarding gk udan sheet from 20/11/13 to 06/12/13 S.S.A. (D.R.P. (S.ST./ ENGLISH)) 06-12-2013
9 Regarding gk udan sheet from 01/1/13 to 19/11/13 S.S.A. (D.R.P. (S.ST./ ENGLISH)) 19-11-2013
10 Regarding gk udan sheet from 01/11/130to 16/11/13 S.S.A. (D.R.P. (S.ST./ ENGLISH)) 16-11-2013
11 Regarding gk udan sheet from 14/10/13 to 31/10/13 S.S.A. (D.R.P. (S.ST./ ENGLISH)) 14-11-2013
12 Regarding g.k . udan sheet-from 01/10/13 to 11/10/13 S.S.A. (D.R.P. (S.ST./ ENGLISH)) 11-10-2013
13 Question bank -class vi-pdf-lesson -10 S.S.A. (D.R.P. (S.ST./ ENGLISH)) 03-10-2013
14 Regarding class -vii -question bank for quiz -pdf file S.S.A. (D.R.P. (S.ST./ ENGLISH)) 03-10-2013
15 Social sciences multiple choice question bank for block/district/state quiz competetion from classes vi to viii S.S.A. (D.R.P. (S.ST./ ENGLISH)) 03-10-2013
16 List of defaulters block not participated in district level model making and district level poster making competitions. S.S.A. (D.R.P. (S.ST./ ENGLISH)) 11-09-2013
17 Regarding compilation of social sciences mid-line test report S.S.A. (D.R.P. (S.ST./ ENGLISH)) 11-09-2013
18 Regarding g.k . udan sheet-from 29/8/13 to 4/9/13 S.S.A. (D.R.P. (S.ST./ ENGLISH)) 09-09-2013
19 Teachers day wishes from harsh loomba d.r.p.s.s jalandhar S.S.A. (D.R.P. (S.ST./ ENGLISH)) 05-09-2013
20 Regarding change of venue for district level poster making competition and sample for preparing mid-line test result S.S.A. (D.R.P. (S.ST./ ENGLISH)) 30-08-2013
21 Regarding testing tools of mid-line social sciences S.S.A. (D.R.P. (S.ST./ ENGLISH)) 29-08-2013
22 Regarding disrict level poster making and mid line teting tools S.S.A. (D.R.P. (S.ST./ ENGLISH)) 28-08-2013
23 Regarding g.k . udan sheet-from 21/8/13 to 27/8/13 S.S.A. (D.R.P. (S.ST./ ENGLISH)) 27-08-2013
24 Regarding g.k . udan sheet-from 9/8/13 to 20/8/13 S.S.A. (D.R.P. (S.ST./ ENGLISH)) 20-08-2013
25 Regarding introduction of social sciences practicals. S.S.A. (D.R.P. (S.ST./ ENGLISH)) 13-08-2013
26 Regarding introduction of practicals in social sciences-its syallabus and disrribution of marks S.S.A. (D.R.P. (S.ST./ ENGLISH)) 13-08-2013
27 Regarding udan.g.k sheet from-3/8/13 to 8/8/13 S.S.A. (D.R.P. (S.ST./ ENGLISH)) 09-08-2013
28 Regarding social scince activity calander for the session-2013-14 S.S.A. (D.R.P. (S.ST./ ENGLISH)) 04-08-2013
29 Regarding udan-g.k sheet from 25/7/13 to 02/8/13 S.S.A. (D.R.P. (S.ST./ ENGLISH)) 02-08-2013
30 Regarding udan-g.k sheets from 15-7-13 to 24-7-13 S.S.A. (D.R.P. (S.ST./ ENGLISH)) 24-07-2013
31 Instructions for block level poster making competition to be held on 26/7/13 S.S.A. (D.R.P. (S.ST./ ENGLISH)) 21-07-2013
32 Instructions for cluster level model making to be held on 01/8/13 S.S.A. (D.R.P. (S.ST./ ENGLISH)) 21-07-2013
33 A welcome message by harsh loomba,d.r.p.s.s jalandhar S.S.A. (D.R.P. (S.ST./ ENGLISH)) 09-05-2013
34 Welcome message S.S.A. (D.R.P. (S.ST./ ENGLISH)) 09-05-2013
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