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D.E.O. ( S.E.) D.E.O. (E.E.) D.I.E.T. R.M.S.A. S.S.A.

S. No. Title From Date
1 Important instructions regarding accidental hazards under mdm D.E.O. ( S.E.) (MDM (S.E.)) 06-05-2016
2 Reminder regarding celebration of deworming day on 28-04-16 D.E.O. ( S.E.) (MDM (S.E.)) 27-04-2016
3 Regarding instructions and guidelines of middaymeal in schools D.E.O. ( S.E.) (MDM (S.E.)) 18-04-2016
4 Regarding albandazole tablets D.E.O. ( S.E.) (MDM (S.E.)) 12-04-2016
5 Regarding mid day meal in city schools D.E.O. ( S.E.) (MDM (S.E.)) 01-05-2015
6 Regarding wifs nodal teacher meeting D.E.O. ( S.E.) (MDM (S.E.)) 21-04-2014
7 Regarding ngo mid day meal D.E.O. ( S.E.) (MDM (S.E.)) 17-02-2014
8 Regarding water samples D.E.O. ( S.E.) (MDM (S.E.)) 21-01-2014
9 Regarding monthy report of iran and flock acid D.E.O. ( S.E.) (MDM (S.E.)) 13-09-2013
10 Regarding certificate of food storage and drinking water tank cleaning D.E.O. ( S.E.) (MDM (S.E.)) 21-08-2013
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